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Since the Molecular Engineering Institute (MEI) at Kindai University was founded on April 1st, 2000, eight years have passed. The first core research facility was the "Henkel Research Center of Advanced Technology", established on May 1st, 2001, which is an international academia-industry research alliance with the German company, Henkel. With this research center, we have produced substantial scientific achievements and educated many young scientists who are currently working actively in various scientific fields all around the world.

On April 1st, 2007, a second core facility was opened. That is the "JSR Research Center of Advanced Materials", the competence center of academia-industy cooperation with JSR.

The MEI is an organization for basic research as a member of academia. The basic cencept guiding our research is our mission to develop new materials exhibitingg unprecedented functions based on new molecular designs.

There are several difficulties and obstacles in proceeding with this new form of academia-industry cooperation to make sure that we achieve successful outcomes for both sides. However, we believe that these difficulties can be overcome if each partner can respect each other's identities and goals. Some specific difficulties coused by defferences in cultural background, environment, and intention will be solved by the following concenpts: "Trust", "Frendship", and "Responsibility". Furthermore, these concepts can be embodied by the three "P"s, that stand for "Production", "Patent", and "Paper".

In the MEI, postdoctoral fellows arre playing a major role in our research activities. Let me emphasize again that we are growing as an academic research organization, with learning various expertise from both the academic and industrial sides and turning them into our best advantages. Another important mission of ours is to nature our postdoctoral fellows to prominet scientists, who will lead the future of science and technology.

As a closing remark of this preface, we would like to show or great thanks for your support.

Prof. Takeshi Endo, Director of MEI


11-6 Kayanomori Iizuka Fukuoka 820-8555 JAPAN
Molecular Engineering Institute, Kindai University


Prof. Takeshi Endo

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